This is the thing guys…

Today, more than ever,  you have to be very cautious when it comes to sending email using any of the two major auto responders…

Because they’ll shut your account… in cold blood.

Now there are a few known reasons why they’ll do it:

  1. Because you’re hitting your list too hard.- Sending 3-4 times a day (as crazy as this may sound a lot of people commit this newbie mistake) is the top reason why they’ll shut you down.  If you need to email more than 1 time a day do it, but never do it too often.
  2. Your subject lines are deceiving.- Stuff like “Transaction successful” or “You win the lottery” will get your account shut down in no time… Even when the Click-Through rate from those emails will be crazy high, it’s not worth it.
  3. Your bounces are too high.- Usually people who lands on your squeeze page and want to see what’s on the other side will leave fake emails, and the next time you email your list those emails will bounce… When you get a bunch of them your account may get shut down.

Those are the three most common reasons why one of these major auto responders may shut you down.

Now, I want you to think that even when you can get a copy of your list, chances are that you won’t be able to import it to another service with the same deliverability, which means less opens, less clicks and less sales.

Another crucial thing here is that the first two reasons listed above are in your full control… I mean, you decide if you want to hit your list hard, and you decide if you used deceptive subject lines…

But the third one no… Because it depends on the people that lands on your squeeze page, and sometimes in the ROBOTS that land on it.

I’ve heard horror stories about people getting their accounts shut down after an allegedly “AMAZING SOLO” that gave them a 90% top tier traffic, and a crazy 50%+ opt-in rate (usually with no sales)

Now, there’s a way to work around this…

NEVER, EVER purchase clicks from someone who sells TOP TIER traffic at non-Top tier traffic… Something like $0.25 per click for 90% top tier is a red flag.

So, please be careful, don’t try to play smart and “save” money…

Instead buy from reputable solo sellers and keep building your list in an auto responder that will give you the deliverability you deserve.

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Lenin Govea
Lenin Govea

Lenin Govea has been online for more than 7 years. After he broke the code of how to make money online he decided to share his thoughts with everyone who needs some piece of advice to get on to the fast track toward financial independence.

    5 replies to "WARNING! Your Aweber Account Is In Serious Danger (Getresponse too!)"

    • Jenelle Livet

      Lenin I wish there was a way to delete the bounced emails from get response easily but there is a workaround. I spend a lot if time checking my response and open rates but it is the only way to keep it safe. Thanks for the post

      • Lenin Govea

        If you clean your list periodically this can be done, Jenelle

    • Syed Akram

      What I normally practice is to delete email in my list who does not open my mails for more than 90 days. Even I not using Aweber 😉

    • Martin Sherston

      Thanks for the heads up mate.

      • Lenin Govea

        Your welcome, Martin

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