Lenin here.

And in this short letter I wan to tell you why I became a fanatic of Clickmagick … almost overnight.

Thing is I thought I’ve seen it all in regards to trackers and rotators…

Name a software, plugin or web-based service… I either bought it or I was signed up to it.

And in all honesty, I never found myself happy with any of them.

It was like I needed to work with at least two rotator/tracking systems to keep my business up and running.

Maybe I was asking too much… I figured.

Maybe I needed to settle down and just live with it.


“But Then On A Sunny Sunday Morning… An Earthshattering Event Occurred!”

 My hosting service went down…

And all my trackers, clicks and a lot of money went down the drain with it…

I couldn’t believe it…

I was at the mercy of these guys…

Maybe it was a DDoS attack or some shit… but… Who cares!

The only thing that mattered to me is that I was losing money… And nobody seems to give a shit about that. (Excuse my French, please)

“So, I Need To Do Something That Prevents This From Happening Ever Again!”

I searched the Internet high and low for a solution…

And after hours of reading reviews, watching sales videos and the like…

I stumbled upon something called “ Clickmagick

I was very reluctant at first, you know?

But I realized that quite a few of my marketing friends were secretly using that service…

It seems like it’s been out for years, but it was an “invitation-only” type of thing.

And now they’re rolling it out for us.

 “Long Story Short… I Got Myself In And I’m Really Happy I Did!”

 So, in this moment I want to tell you exactly what I like from Clickmagick

And what I hate of course!

There’s not such a thing as a perfect system, but I can tell you that this is the closest thing to it.

Also, the support is amazing…

They’re always improving their stuff, and they care about your business… they care about you.

Ok… I’m a little biased…

but I’m sure you will too  when you start using it!

So, let’s cut to the chase and dive right into the pros and cons of it.

“What I Like From Clickmagick”

 Clickmagick isn’t just like having your typical tracker and rotator in one place…


What I like the most is how simple it is…

In one word it’s “intuitive”

If you have some experience with trackers and rotators, Clickmagick  will look like a walk in the park to you.

It also has a couple of mind-blowing features: Popup, Magick Bars and timers.

You can easily insert popups, bars and countdown timers to any link you have, giving you the ability to add scarcity and increase your conversions.

Now, in terms of your tracking links, you have full control and you can easily see everything in one place.

For instance, you can divide into groups the traffic that you receive and the traffic that you deliver.

Here’s a screenshot of my out-going traffic.

screen 2

I know exactly where the click was generated, and how many clicks each part of my “click center” is producing.

Either from my follow-up sequences, broadcasts, thank you pages, download pages, exit traffic… Everything.

And I also know what click produced certain result.

Have you ever wanted to know if the sales you’re getting are coming from your thank you page, download page or follow up sequence…

But never been able to find out how…

Or you know how, but’s a real pain in the ass to set it up with your current tracker/rotator?

Well, these guys have made this really simple with a feature called “Front end”

screen 3

So, you basically create a group with all the links of your funnel, and then set the first link (the one you usually give to your traffic provider) as “front end”

And it starts tracking everything for you.

Just imagine how much more profitable your business could be if you knew exactly what part to tweak.

And there are a few more uses that I found to that feature that I’m currently testing out.

Now, if you’re selling clicks, then you’ll love this feature

Stop wasting raw clicks… unique clicks are the only that matters to your customers!

What really matters here are the unique clicks, because sending the same people to the same offer over and over again won’t necessarily make them take some action.

So, in short, the more raw clicks you sent, the more wasted clicks you’ll have.

And that, my friends, means that you’re leaving money on the table… Lots of it.

If you want to increase your profitability the only thing you need to do is to set up rotators…

For the incoming traffic and for the outgoing traffic.

Clickmagick has this feature called “randomize”

screen 4

What it basically does is that changes the link you have on top of your rotator (valid only using spillover method… Which is the one you want to use… trust me) every 15 minutes (or whatever you want, but 15 is what they recommend)

This is the thing guys…

Thanks to Clickmagick I realized that 40% or more of the traffic I receive and sent is mobile (it also gives you an estimation of the traffic quality as you can see in the pic below).

screen 5

The real problem is that with mobile traffic cookies don’t work as good as with desktop traffic…

So when someone from a mobile device clicks your link several times, they “may” be considered as uniques…

Because of the cookie (hope that makes sense)

So if you activate the “randomize” option the links will interchange in a interval of 15 minutes, so you’ll capitalize on that mobile traffic showing different offers to the same user.

Anyways, the thing is that you can send more unique clicks to your clients using that feature…

And that means that you can complete orders faster and you’ll make more money

Another cool feature is the reporting one (nothing fancy, but I just love it)

You just need to share a link with your customers and that’s it.

So, in short these features are responsible for making me such a die-hard fan.

Now, I’m sure you want to hear the bad things… so, let’s take that out of the way as well.

“What I Hate From Clickmagick”

The thing that I hate about Clickmagick is that even when the popups and magick bars are an amazing idea…

You need to be either a graphic designer or a coder genius to set them up correctly.

I mean, c’mon guys, the idea should be always to make things easier… Not harder.

I’d love to use popups and magick links more but it’s just damn hard for a complete coding/design illiterate like me!

Hopefully when you read this they have already fixed this… HA!

Another thing that I don’t like as well is that sometimes when you leave the browser opened for a few days it acts up…

So you need to log out and log back in…

But other than that Clickmagick is a pretty amazing tool…

And most importantly you don’t have to rely on your hosting… so you’ll never struggle like I did!

So if something like that ever happens to you, you just need to move your links to other offers and don’t waste clicks or piss off your subscribers.

If you’re running a real business, then you can’t afford working without Clickmagick one more day.

Hope you like this review… If you do please leave a comment below, and share this on your social accounts.

Want to give Clickmagick a try? Click Here To Run a 14-day FREE trial




Lenin Govea
Lenin Govea

Lenin Govea has been online for more than 7 years. After he broke the code of how to make money online he decided to share his thoughts with everyone who needs some piece of advice to get on to the fast track toward financial independence.

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    • Tomer Algrably

      This is one hell of a good post lenin! thanks for educating us.
      I didn’t know about the randomize every 15 min, but I’m going to activate it now..
      Thanks for sharing it!

      • Lenin Govea

        Awesome, Tommer.

        Thank you for stopping by!

    • Joel Straight

      I’ve been recommending ClickMagick to my customers for some time now and I’ve been really impressed with all of it’s functions for such a low cost. Some of the stuff you mentioned on here I didn’t know about as I really haven’t torn into a lot of the functions. Thanks for bringing some of this stuff to light Lenin.

      • Lenin Govea

        My pleasure, brother!

    • Franck Silvestre

      Awesome! I like your original, fun and honest review Lenin. Great title, great post.

      Stay STRONG!

      • Lenin Govea


        I’m glad you like, brother

    • Katie Matthes

      I’m very new to making money online so I really appreciate the help Lenin. You seem like a genuinely helpful person and one that I would love to do business with.

    • Mike LeSaux

      Hi Lenin,
      Love your review for ClickMagic, I just started using them and I like that it’s so easy to track your complete funnel. I also wasn’t aware of the randomize every 15 min. I’ll be reading up more about all the features they offer.
      Thanks for sharing this info!

      • Lenin Govea

        My pleasure Mike

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