About a couple of years ago I embarked myself on a new “fascinating” journey…

I decided to study a PhD…

So I went and signed up… I read a ton of research papers, attended academic events, and wrote some papers myself…

But then I was like “What the hell are you doing, Lenin!?”

I had spent around $20k in tuition fees, books, software, and other stuff…

And if I add up all the time I invested reading, writing, attending to classes and to events, the cost of air tickets and more, I can definitely say that I spent more than $50k… way more!

But… Where all this time, money, sweat and tears was taking me anyways?

In my mind being a college professor and getting paid $2.5k a month was like a dream come true… that was my goal.

Nowadays I make that amount in maybe 2-3 days… And growing.

When I remember “my dream” I just chuckle…

To this date, I’ve invested nearly $33k in FB ads alone, and I’ve tripled that amount fairly quickly…

I’ve invested around $100k in solo ads and I’ve easily doubled that amount in the 2 and half years I’ve been working online from my sweet home.

Thing is guys, no one teaches that to us…

No one tells us we have more choices…

Our parents, friends and “the system” shove down our throats that we need to go to college and then study to get a Master’s degree and then work until we’re too old to support ourselves and then die…

Fuck that!

Truth is you never stop learning, but you don’t need to go to school to learn.

You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars with nothing to show for when you get that worthless piece of paper…

I’ve really found my passion as an online marketer… and I won’t change this lifestyle even for a million dollars in cash…

But if you make it 100 million, then we’re talking! (JK)

Friends, don’t let other people tell you what you should do… Follow your passions.

And remember that in order to do that you need to be in control of your financial future first.

Have a great week!

P.S. Here’s the original post in case you’re curious.

Lenin Govea
Lenin Govea

Lenin Govea has been online for more than 7 years. After he broke the code of how to make money online he decided to share his thoughts with everyone who needs some piece of advice to get on to the fast track toward financial independence.

    9 replies to "“The Best Education Money Can Buy”"

    • Ahmad

      Great insight Lenin, I do feel sorry about those people who work hard for their degree just for a stupid job where the job takes their time and freedom. And as Jim Rohn said once, “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

      • Lenin Govea

        My pleasure, Ahmad.

        And yes, I totally agree with you and Jim Rohn. 🙂

    • Mike

      Very inspiring, Lenin. Well done! I’m still struggling make my first dollar online, but once I’ve done it I know I can double it again and again and again! BTW, the sign-up box took me to a 404 page . . . Keep smiling! Mike

      • Lenin Govea

        Hey Mike, thanks for stopping by.

        Weird thing about the 404 error… It works ok on my end.

    • Pamela Armstrong

      It’s so true how we are manipulated since we were children to basically wait to be chosen for a good school, wait and be chosen for that great job. Main stream does a great job with the majority of the population to be normal, work at normal job with an average salary. Yawn. Sorry not for me. Thanks so much Lenin for your GREAT article!

      • Lenin Govea


    • Sig kappel

      I’m behind you on that one dude. Thanks for the inspiration.

      • Lenin Govea

        My pleasure, Brother!

    • Junior

      Very helpful post indeed!

      That reminds me of the popular YouTube video I watched a while ago titled “Why I Hate School But Love Education” by Suli Breaks.

      Thanks for sharing!

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