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"This is What We Do"

shaun webb, USA

[The first time] we spoke I said no to his offer... It seemed expensive at the time, but looking back It wasn't expensive at all!

I made the leap of faith and this was the best decision I've ever made... This guy is solid as they come.

mike thompson, USA

"If you're looking for someone that will work with you and has good communication and is willing to help you take your business to the next level, Lenin is your man!"

marco leroux, canada

I'm very impressed how things are going since we started working together.

My product sells like crazy... 500 units sold in less than a month and I have a  new product on its way to Amazon. Pretty exciting!

kevin ocassio, USA

Lenin is the real deal when it comes to online business and making money online.

Lenin is really easy to work with and I recommend anyone on the fence to work with him

Fouad Boukredine, France

You need an coach that shows you how the business works... You could learn from your mistakes, but you'll struggle for a long time, and you don't need to.

Lenin was key to my success on Amazon and I recommend his program to anyone who wants to build a real business with real products.

eugene collinger

I have known Lenin Govea long enough to learn this man means business

This may be the system you've been looking for so long.

I recommend you to jump onboard!

“Hey, lenin here!”

I have a question for you:

How would you like to have an outrageously successful Amazon Seller dedicated to turning you into his next success story…

Taking you by the hand to the NEXT LEVEL of prosperity, respect and happiness?

Also, you'll learn why investing in your education is the BEST, and at the same time the WORST decision you could ever make in your life!

You see, my job during the past 3 years has involved personally consulting with people like you and me how to start their amazon business.

Getting their problems solved fast, creating plans for them, and answering all the burning questions that hold them back…

I’m very proud to say that I’m responsible for most of their success.

And today you are being invited to be part of my inner circle

But before we go on, I want to share with you a controversial but enlightening truth…

That I didn’t fully understand for years, and led me straight to a 9-5 dungeon.

“Getting 'An Education' Is A HUGE Mistake!”

They say the only way to become “a somebody” is to get a college degree…

After that you get a high paying job, buy a nice house… bla bla bla…


If that was true there wouldn’t be thousands of struggling graduates getting paid mediocre salaries, and barely able to make ends meet.

They went to college, paid $50k -$100k for tuition… Just to end up buried up to their eyeballs in debt.

And I feel even more pity for the poor guys who invested twice as much time and money in a graduate school… like me.

“I’ve Been Down That Road Before…”

Like so many of us, I did exactly what my parents told me.

“Go to college, work, save… work, save… (die?)”

Something was wrong there…

I mean, I studied my butt off to get my undergrad and master’s degree… Worked like a dog for years… And I was getting nowhere.

And half way through my PhD studies it hit me…

"What the heck are you doing here, Lenin…?"

How much more time and money was I going to waste trying to get the life I deserved?

My gut told me that there had to be a better way to invest my precious time and resources.

So, long story short, I was presented with Amazon, got myself a mentor, and in a few months I was making more money that I could possibly imagine.

Frankly, If I could do it all again, knowing what I now know, I’d have done things very differently.

“The Current Education System Is dangerously Obsolete…”

It’s time to wake up!

An education won’t get you where you want to be… If you’ve gone to college, you know what I’m talking about.

And if you haven’t… then lucky you, you’ve saved thousands of dollars and long hours of worthless reading and purposeless study.

Don’t get me wrong…

I’m not saying that is bad to feed your brain… or is it wrong to invest in learning… Not a chance!

But what if instead of filling your brain with crap you’ll never use… You feed it with the knowledge that’s going to…

“Finally Set You Free And Let You Live Life On YOUR Terms?”

Let me elaborate this point by doing an unfair comparison between traditional education and real life education, A.K.A. Mentoring.

Traditional education system.-

After 8 years and over $97,000 I paid for "getting an education", I ended up in a lousy job earning $1,475.94 a month... before taxes.

The new education system (Mentoring).-

On the other hand, about two years ago I paid $7,000 in coaching fees, and a few months later I started making $4,000 - $8,000 a month, and now I’m making $20,000 - $30,000 a month, and sometimes more.

Maybe this earnings graphic can help you get a clearer picture

“So, I’m Here To Ask You If You’d Like Me To Personally help You To live Your Life In Your Terms?

I’m looking for a handful of mentoring clients willing to finally stop chasing shinny objects and start making serious cash.

People who are really fed up with wasting their money on stuff that never work…

And that are looking for an experienced mentor who guides their way to their well-deserved success.

If you’re that client, I’ll personally work with you on a weekly basis to get you where you want to be.

“But To Be Part Of This Group (As You May Assume) Is Not Cheap”

Look, this mentoring is not anywhere near like the so-called mentoring programs out there

Where fake gurus marketers promise you the moon for $499.

But if you're scared of any investment beyond $499 - this is not a good fit for you.

In fact, I recommend starting out with no less than $500 just for proof of concept.

But let me just tell you this...

If we are a good fit together... the investment I'm asking is nothing compared to how much you're going to be making few months from now.

After doing this thing for several years with my other students I’m pretty good at getting them results fast.

“Anyway, I’VE DoNE Most Of The Heavy Lifting For You…”

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel…

Or embark on a pointless online research on Google or YouTube to find out how to make you money on Amazon.

I’ll tell you exactly what to do, and how to do it.

You just have to do it.

And my system will help you to literally create a money machine capable to crank out thousands of dollars every month for you.

So, if you can follow simple instructions this is your best chance to leave the rat race forever.

And after we start to work together the only question left in your mind will be why didn’t we meet before.

“But I’ll Only Work With People Who Meet These Essential, But Reasonable Requirements…”

Unfortunately less than 2% of the people reading this invitation will qualify.

Because even when some people say they’re ready, in reality they are afraid of success…

But if you really are an action taker and you’re the type of people who knows a good opportunity when they see it…

Then your chances to be chosen are even greater!

So, here are the 3 simple requirements I’m looking for in my next success stories…

Requirement #1: You really want to succeed.

I only work with people that are 100% decided to make a full time income from home, and won’t take “no” for an answer.

This is not for people that just what to make just a couple hundred dollars a month on the side.

I’m only looking for serious individuals who have big dreams for themselves and their families.

Requirement #2: You want to invest in yourself

This is not for people who are only looking for cheap or discounted programs.

You can’t build a business without investing in yourself and your business.

Requirement #3: You’re an action taker

You know what they say… 

People are good at two things: Making money or making excuses.

If you’re really serious about success, you’ll follow my lead and make money… 

But if you’re not serious, then you’ll find an excuse.

So, that’s why I work only with action takers.

And that’s it… Those are my simple but essential requirements…

But even when you meet these requirements and you feel like I can really help you get where you want to be, I’m sure you still have some doubts.

Frankly, I have some doubts too…

Because we don’t know if we are going to be a good fit to work together, but I came up with an pretty smart idea…

“So You Can Decide If I’m A Good Match For You First…”

I've created a fun and interactive form where I explain everything about how my students, and I make real money on Amazon, and how can I help you do the same.


Cool, so, here’s what you should have to do next.

Fill out the form on the next page.

Once you're done you'll know for a fact if what I've created for you is a good fit or not, and you'll decide if you want to talk to me on the phone.

If that's the case, I promise you that our call will be an amazing strategy session in which we're going to figure out your current situation and find out the best way to get you to the income level you deserve.

And, in the unprecedented event you think I didn't add any value to your life on that call, you just have to tell me and I’ll send you $100, because I value your time… No hard feelings.

Fair enough?

“Your Decision Is 100% Risk FREE”

Like I said, if after the call you feel like I made you “waste” your time, you’ll get $100… as simple as that.

But if you decide we're a good fit I'll get you started right away and you'll experience how you and your business grow every week.

There's only a catch...

Frankly, I don’t want to deal with tire kickers, and you know there are plenty of them out there.

I only want to work with people with the right mindset... People who will actually apply my teachings and get results real fast...

Because I'm only going to work with the ones I believe are going to be my next success stories.

So, only apply if you really want this, OK?

“So, If You Want In, You Need To Act Fast… ”

If we decide to work together I’ll personally work with you, and you’ll have access not just to my powerful system, but I'll take you by the hand to make it work for you.

This is the same system responsible for all the success my students and I have experienced so far…

But I'm just going to accept a few new students per month.

I’m selling on Amazon, and helping people like you, because it leaves me a lot of free time I can spend with my family and friends… Enjoying my life.

So, that’s why I need to be very picky with the people I choose to help.

Hope you understand.

And that’s a pretty good reason for you to "sell me" on why I should choose you instead of any other applicant.

When this month's spots are sold out, you'll need to wait for the next month... if this program opens its doors again.

Thank you!

See you inside,

Lenin Govea

6-Figure Amazon Seller & Online Marketing Strategist

P.S. What happens if you hesitate and let this opportunity slip through your fingers?

Nothing… Your life will remain the same, and mine too.

So, it's up to you if you want to keep struggling for months or years to come.

But if you want to transform your life starting from today, you know what's the smart thing to do.