For People Who Want to Stop the Daily Grind and Escape the Rat Race...

This is How I Make 
$50.00 - $250.00 A DAY 
Sending DM's on Social Media!

Without Needing To Start a Business, Without Having to Bother Friends and Family, and Without Having to Sell Anything.


The 'Appointment Attraction Blueprint' offers a counterintuitive approach to install a new skill and to add it to your toolbox.

This skill will place you at the heart of the booming $14.1 billion high-ticket consulting industry.

Here, you could potentially earn between $50 and $250 daily, and sometimes even more.

This enables you to replace your 9-to-5 job, enjoy flexible hours, work from anywhere, and truly regain control of your life, without being stuck in a mundane, unfulfilling job.

We achieve this by providing a simple, step-by-step guide to starting conversations on social media, turning them into appointments, and then handing off to another team member who takes care of closing the deals.

We also share the exact strategies for finding business owners who are desperately looking for someone to manage their inboxes, book appointments, and get paid.

As a result, this approach frees you to live a life with more control, more freedom, and greater fulfillment. This is what the 'Appointment Attraction Blueprint' is all about

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Most people dream about starting their own business because conventional wisdom endorses it as the best route to build a second income or to transition out of their 9-5 job.

That was once my dream, too.

But when I finally took the plunge, it was way harder than I expected.

I was working non-stop, learning every method I could get my hands on, and trying all sorts of things like E-commerce, Airbnb, Youtube faceless videos, creating content on FB, IG, TikTok … you name it!

But nothing really clicked.

And even when I had some success in some, I was close to burning out with nothing to show for.

After years of trying to figure things out by myself, it hit me!

It was not about doing everything by myself...

It was all about focusing on one little part of the business and making bank...

And I discovered that anyone could focus on booking high-ticket appointments through messages on Social Media following simple steps...

... get paid high-ticket commissions consistently...

and do better than most business owners out there!

This changed everything for me. I finally found the freedom and success I was looking for with little effort.

And the good news is that you don’t have to run a business to succeed online and to make 5 and even 6 figures a year.

Today you have the opportunity to duplicate the step-by-step system I built by simply downloading a $5 guide called Appointment Attraction Blueprint.

I've seen this change so many lives. This isn't just a theory, and here's how it works:


The two biggest obstacles most people face, whether they want to replace their 9-5 or to simply make some money on the side, are time and funds.

You need something that doesn’t take up all your free time, especially while you still have your day job... isn't that right?

And unless you have tens of thousands of dollars to invest in a business, you need a simple system that doesn't break the bank.

That's why I've created the "Appointment Attraction Blueprint” to help hundreds of regular everyday people earn more.

It's the perfect option for those looking for a simple way to add another income source within 3-7 weeks, and it's only 5 bucks!

Think of it as your cheat sheet to financial and location freedom, and to enjoying more free time with family and friends... without burying yourself in complex stuff or or piling up debt.


4 Bonuses Included Today

The Appointment Attraction Blueprint

This guide is how we will transfer to you the simple, high-income skill of appointment setting and help you understand the simple process to collect $50 - $250 daily paychecks.


PRICE $199


Advanced Social Media DM Scripts

Direct messaging scripts and templates that you can tweak to fit your style that will save you time and increase your earning potential!




The Client-Getting CRM

Track the status of every interaction in your pipeline, from initial contact to closing.




The Mindset of a $10k/mo Appointment Setter

Mindset is everything! Build the foundations for a successful appointment setter career with this eye-opening video.




The “Perfect Client” Checklist

Discover the 10 key traits that define the perfect business, where you could reach your potential and have you earning 5-6 figures as reliably as clockwork!




4 Bonuses Included Today

 Only $5 Today

List Price $375.00

(Save $370 today)

Get The Appointment Attraction Blueprint And Bonuses For Just $5

Start watching in the next 2 minutes

Now Available For Instant Access


Here's How I Flipped the Script and Built a 5-Figure Income By Ignoring The Common Wisdom, Breaking All The Rules & Turning The Traditional Model Upside Down

This Is Something Completely New, Completely Different, Completely Unlike Anything
You've Ever Heard of Before - Read The Story Below To Discover The Appointment Attraction Blueprint

From: The laptop of Lenin Govea

Re: High 5 figures a year working remotely with time flexibility (and why this is your only way out)

Dear Future Appointment Attraction Blueprint’s Success Story,

Would it surprise you to learn that I achieved financial freedom and broke free from the 9-5 grind...

...using the information revealed in this guide where I’m going to show you how to set appointments from your phone and get paid juicy commissions for every deal you set?


You have every right to be.

I remember being exactly where you are, doubting every word I heard about this stuff. 

But stick with me here, and by the end of these short lines, you might just be as blown away as I was by what this little gem can do for you.

I won't ask you to trust me blindly. After all, the internet is a maze of tall claims.

Instead, Let Me Prove It To You!

But first, read this disclaimer:

Lemme start by saying that I've been around the block…

12 years, to be exact. I’ve run a few businesses, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, had my fair share of wins... and yeah, some massive failures too.

Not bragging, just saying I've seen some stuff, and the good news is that I found a shortcut.

A shortcut I believe can work for you, and it can work for anyone with a burning desire to get another income source.

Now, the harsh truth is, the average person buying "how-to" guides rarely sees dramatic results.

The examples you’ll see below are for illustration only. Your results are your own and depend on various factors, including your background, experience, and work ethic.

This journey involves risk, dedication, and relentless effort.

If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS blueprint because you might not be ready yet, and this guide might not be a fit for you…

But if, on the other hand, you feel like you’re ready, and you see yourself doing what it takes to hit 5 to 6 figures working remotely, booking appointments from your phone…

If you're the person I believe you are (someone eager to learn, ready to act, and open to transforming their life) then you're exactly who I want to share this with.

With that out of the way … let me jump right in and show you…

How I Did It By Using A Completely Counterintuitive Approach That I’m About To Share With You On This Very Page…

The same Appointment Attraction Blueprint model that every day people from all over the world are now using to get time flexibility, location freedom and having an upside potential they’ll never get at their current job!

...And in turn escape the 9-5 grind faster than ever before...

...All while gaining a new level of freedom in their lifestyle that allows them to focus on WHATEVER THEY WANT...

...And best of all having time to enjoy their lives with family, friends, and their hobbies.

Just Like Javier, Who Used The Strategy From Our Guide To Quit His Job Within Months

Soon After, he sent me this message:

And even though it’s awesome that after a few months using our step-by-step guide he was making as much as he did in his old job, that's not even the best part.

What I love about his success story is that he doesn't have to deal with the tough life of an engineer in the oil and gas industry anymore.

No more living in the middle of nowhere, without basic stuff like running water or electricity, and being stuck in the desert for months. He's left all that behind to chase his dreams.

Just the other day, I checked in with him to see how he's doing. Guess what? He's not just doing well, he's actually thriving as a solo-preneur:

That's right, he’s now planning his wedding with his girlfriend and they both are over the moon!

Finally, he’s free to enjoy time with the people he loves, do the things he ever wanted and couldn’t, all thanks to what we humbly taught him in our program. We couldn’t be prouder!

And Javier isn’t the only one either…

This Is Colt, Another Member Who Replaced his 9-5 Income Implementing The Simple Action Steps Not Long Ago

...One month after he landed his first client, this is how much he made.

From that day he realized he didn't need to go back to a soul-crushing 9-5, and that he could use this newfound skill as his main income source, and thanks to rubbing elbows with business owners making 7-8 figures a month his perspective changed forever...

Meet Andrei Who Closed Around 8 Deals, Getting Him Close to 5 Figures… On a Slow Month!!

Andrei's story is a bit different as he went through the program really quickly and started making good money from month one, the vast majority are making $1k - $3k a month during the first three months until they ramp it up.

Javier, Colton, and Andrei Are A Group Of Over 800 Appointment Setters Who Are Using Our Straightforward Steps to Ditch their 9-5’s…

And you can BET...

The "Appointment Attraction Blueprint" is unlike any method you heard of before…

…This is something completely different, because…

We don’t focus on cheap growth hacks and quick fixes
We skip over the unnecessary fluff – no need to learn a million things you'll never use.
We don’t focus on juggling thousands of tasks at the same time.

In fact: we rarely (if ever) sell anything… That’s not our main game.

Instead We Capitalize on a Little-Known Blueprint That Requires Little to no Effort to implement and ZERO Additional Investment!

Like I said…

This is something completely different and it has the power to change everything for you…

…and I know that’s true…

Because it changed everything for me.

The "Appointment Attraction Blueprint" allowed me to get rid of 99% of all the BS that I hated when it comes to building an online revenue stream...

No more endless social media posting, feeling like you’re chained to your feeds 24/7.
Forget about building and tweaking website after website.
Say goodbye to throwing cash at ads across every platform, trying to crack the code to make sales.
No need to create and sell your own products.
And definitely no cold calling.

The “Appointment Attraction Blueprint” Freed Me From All That And It Allowed Me To Me To Develop a Simple Skill That Gave Me Freedom And Flexibility

Here’s what my life used to look like (and if you’ve ever tried to start a business online then I’m sure you can relate)…

I call this the “Side Hustle Hamster Wheel”:

Step 1 - You’re ready, this time will be different and you’ll prove everyone wrong!

Step 2 - Try learning lots of unrelated skills because you think they might help.

Step 3 - Follow outdated advice from a guru that doesn't match today's world.

Step 4 - Spend money on things you think you need but you really don’t, like apps, software, memberships… you name it!

Step 5 - Juggle your regular job, your family, as you try to get your business off the ground.

Step 6 - Reality seems so different to what you envisioned

Step 7 - Running out of money and time

Step 8 - Going back to your 9-5 with your tail between your legs.

The "Side Hustle Hamster Wheel" didn't just suck, it trapped me for ages - keeping me living month to month while working harder than ever.

To be honest…

...I nearly threw in the towel on the idea of building an online revenue stream.

...But before I gave up...

I thought I'd give something else a go.

Something that - if it worked...

Could change everything.

And as you'll find out soon...

...What I tried worked extremely well...

Since then, I've spent years crafting it into an effective system...

And I Put This Entire System In A Quick and Easy Guide Called The “Appointment Attraction Blueprint” And You Can Start Going Over It In Just A Few Moments From Now…

But before you do.

I’d like to introduce myself and tell you about how all this came to be.

My name’s Lenin

You probably haven’t heard that name before, and that’s alright.

I'm no big-shot guru, nor a wish to become one.

For the past 22 months, I've been living life on my terms, working just 4-6 hours a day from my phone or laptop, and spending the rest of my time with my wife and baby boy. 

And all I did was sending simple DM’s on social media, and making some amazing commissions.

You won’t see me flaunting flashy cars or an extravagant lifestyle.

That's just not me.

I’m a simple guy who values one thing above all happiness with my family.

For me, it's all about having the freedom to work from anywhere, financial security, and not missing out on precious family moments.

And today, I want to share something with you. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it’s something that can offer you the freedom that I have right now...

So, As We Start Getting To Know Each Other, You'll quickly see why I count myself as one of the luckiest people around. But it wasn't always like this… Let's rewind to January 2022.

I was 42 and life wasn't exactly easy.

I didn’t have a steady income
, and the family business we'd been relying on for the past decade was about to crash and burn.

My family needed food, and a roof over their heads, and I was staring down the barrel of not being able to provide that anymore.

I felt trapped, with no clear way out.

The thought of starting from scratch was overwhelming.

It seemed like my only choice was to dive back into the 9-5 life… A chapter I thought I had closed for good.

You know, there's this idea floating around that just working a regular job and living below your means is the ticket to financial freedom.

But let me tell you, sometimes that just doesn't cut it. Especially if you're dreaming of more than just getting by.

I gave that path everything I had. I really did.

I played by the rules, did everything 'right', and still, it didn’t work out.

Been there, done that!

It felt like the whole ‘play it safe’ approach was just a game I couldn't win.

I Ended Up With A Feeling Of Hopelessness And I Hated It…

The thought of going back to that life, always short at the end of the month, was unbearable.

And deep down I knew there was a way to get back on my feet

But I wasn’t sure how...

I had goals, dreams and aspirations...I wanted more out of life...

...and going back to my old job wasn't going to work.

So I did what everyone else out there does in this situation.

I Started Looking For a Way Out

I looked everywhere, and out of luck, a few months later I found it.

I was determined to get my act together, so I filled my Instagram with what I thought was positivity and motivation.

And that’s when I stumbled upon these young guys who were absolutely crushing it by simply sending DMs on social media.

It sounded too good to be true, but the more I dug into it, the more I realized it was legit.

These guys weren't marketing gurus or tech geniuses. They were just like me, looking for freedom and to make a good income working from home.

With a healthy dose of skepticism, I decided to take the leap, and now I can’t be happier.

Fast forward to the end of 2022, and I was raking in about $5k - $7k a month, dedicating just 4-6 hours of my day to this.

I got my income and my location freedom back, and then I decided it was my time to give back.

So, after experiencing my success and seeing the success of many others, I teamed up with these guys and agreed on launching this one-of-a-kind guide you won't find anywhere else.

Our goal was clear: to transfer this skill and making it available to anyone desperately looking for freedom, financial independence, and happiness.

Now, I’m on a mission to share this money-making opportunity with the world, ensuring that anyone, regardless of their background or current situation, has access to this blueprint.

Appointment Setting Is One Of The Most Legitimate And Easy Ways To Make $50.00 - $250.00 a Day From Home!

Just think about it:

Would it be easier to add another income stream if you only focus on 1 thing? Absolutely, you only need to chat with people on DM’s. No need to figure out product creation, ad campaigns, sales or hiring – it's that simple.

Would you be able to work remotely if you only need your phone or laptop? Yes, definitely. You don’t need to commute to an office.

Could you make the same or more than your 9-5? Yes, your 9-5 income is fixed. The potential here is huge, and I can show you how to match or even exceed your current earnings.

Would you be able to do this long-term? Absolutely, once you get the hang of the straightforward process, you'll be on an entrepreneurial journey you won’t want to turn back from.

The Best Part is You Don’t Have to Go Back to School!

You could be up and running in as little as three weeks if you're quick, or take it at a slower pace and do it in 7 weeks – it's totally up to you.

And no, you don't need to get a new degree!

All it takes is following a few easy steps to turn any conversation into a booked appointment...

Then, watch your commissions roll in for every deal you set.

Wanna Know What The Main Difference Is With The Appointment Attraction Blueprint And That “Old Way” Of Doing Things?

Anyone using the "old" model has pawned their life to their boss that owns their time.

Whereas I have a simple online income stream that gives me a great lifestyle.

Rather than doing all of the energy-draining things everybody and their brother does to barely survive, here's what it looks like now:

And The Result Of Using This New Way?

I get to enjoy amazing moments like this 

I Wake Up Every Morning Knowing I Own My Destiny

And that I don’t have to use my own toxic version of the rat race to keep up with life.

I can enjoy my freedom in more ways than one, because what I do now fits naturally in my lifestyle!

And the best part is that it didn’t even take too much hard work to get there. And all the work it took, it was worth it!

The really cool thing is that...

If you follow every single step that I show here on this guide, you’ll end up with the freedom you yearn and you’ll never stop growing, neither your income.

(But it’s much more than that...)

It Feels Great Knowing I’ve Got a Strategy I Can Rely on For Life