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Welcome to Appointment Setting BlueprintGet Location and Financial Freedom, and Time Flexibility with an In-Demand High-Income Skill

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Start Your Journey Going Through 8 Simple And Short Video Modules Packed with No-Fluff, Actionable Content. From Building Your Foundation, to Learning the Skill, To Landing the Perfect Client. Making $5k-$10k a month has never been easier


Get access to your 4 FREE Modules: 1) Advanced Social Media DM Scripts 2) The Client-Getting CRM 3) The Mindset of a $10k/mo Appointment Setter; and 4) The “Perfect Client” Checklist

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Let's get to know each other one level deeper: Listen my full story and get access to the same training I went through to crush it as an appointment setter

Lenin Govea

Founder of the Appointment Attraction Blueprint

Crushed it as an Appointment Setter Making $5k - $7k /month building systems and only working 4-6 hours day. Now he's spilling the beans about his experience and helping 9-5'ers free up their time and live the life the really want

What You're Going to Achieve:

Get a Crystal Clear Idea on How to Make $5k - $10k 7mo as a Setter
Develop the Art and Science of Appointment Setting At Your Own Pace, Step by Step
How To Effortlessly Land Clients Desperately Looking for A-Player Setters

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